With Art, Jessica “builds bridges and loosen barriers, reminding us what makes the world “Human”. She considers the power of photography as a gift to create and share with those who can’t see, give a voice to those in need and preserve memory”. Self-taught in photography she is influenced and inspired by Fauvism. As she mainly uses photography, she does not hesitate to resort to other techniques such as painting, ephemeral installations, street art and flashmob.
Jessica de Vreeze is a French-American visual artist, born in Paris, now based in Miami. Since 2016, her work has been shown in Solo shows in NYC, Miami, Breda, Luxembourg ville, and group shows in the USA, France and the Benelux. Her work has been published in the USA and international newspapers & magazines. Her work can be found at the Old Print Shop Gallery NYC and Art Factory Project gallery in Miami.

J. K. Rowling

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